Official BUNI contract address: 0x0E7BeEc376099429b85639Eb3abE7cF22694ed49

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Everything else is not associated and is a scam.
Revolutionize yield farming
by leveraging NFT gamification
Powered By
Phase 2 on Polkadot via PolkaFoundry
Flexible AMM and
creative Yield
Farming on NFT
  • Balancer style smart pools with Customizable number of assets and weights within a pool.
  • Amplified Pools with lower slippage and deeper liquidity for Stablecoins.
  • Rethinking how yield farming work with NFT vesting
Generalized AMM pool with up to 8 tokens, any weights
Super low slippage & dynamic fee for swapping stable coins.
Yield Farming with NFT based vesting model
Unified AMM that
works for both tokens
and stablecoins
Smart order routing automatically split your trade across multiple pools for optimized price
Amplified pools with highest capital efficiency & lower slippage
No third-party or centralized oracle risks.
Dynamic fees to optimize returns for liquidity providers and reduce the impact of impermanent loss.
Yield farming on NFTs
High APR farms
Turn vesting rewards into NFT collectibles, potentially becomes gamification collectibles aftermarket.
Audited & Production Ready
all the smartcontracts have been audited multiple times and certified by hacken.iO.
The product is ready to be launched right after IDO with
gamification UI & Bunnies
Accelerate fast in
2021 & early 2022
Stay ahead of the race and lead the DeFi market with
upcoming advanced functions.
Release Schedule
Lock Period
Team & Advisor
1 month cliff, then linear vesting over 2 years
Private Round
Linear vesting over 1 year starting at TGE
50% at TGE, then lock for 1 month
Marketing & Listing
20% at launch, then quarterly over 1 year
Operation Reserve
Fully locked for 3 months, then unlock over 2 years
Liquidity Mining
Unlock over 2 years
Locked for 1 month, then unlock over 48 months
Locked for 3 months, then unlock over 48 months
Token Symbol BUNI
Total supply 1,000,000,000
Initial circulating supply 10,333,333
Initial market cap $310,000
Hard cap $1,700,000
Round Token Price Raising Fully Diluted Market Cap
Private $0.02 $1,500,000 $20,000,000
Public $0.03 $200,000 $30,000,000
Phuc Nguyen
CEO & Co-Founder
Phuc Nguyen
CEO & Co-Founder
Former Google Summer of Code Samsung Smart App Challenge winner Former CTO of a CEX under Bitmex's portfolio
An Nguyen
An Nguyen
An was working as lead engineer at DeNA, one of the top gaming giant in Japan. Then he becomes CTO of SotaTek, the leading blockchain hub in Vietnam and region with hundreds of developers.
Vincent Vu
Game Designer
Vincent Vu
Game Designer
Vincent Vu is a veteran Game Designer. Graduated from Edith Cowan University, Singapore, he has 11 years of experience in the game industry.
- Scopely in WWE Champions which has served more than 30 million users
- Vietnamese Noble Games: Grand Master and Kungfu Master 3D both of which are Card Collector and have the longest life span in the Vietnam market
The latest product that he worked on, Impostor Solo Kill has more than 30 million downloads within 3 months.
Sinh Vu
Lead Engineer
Sinh Vu
Lead Engineer
Joined to the blockchain space very early, Sinh armed himself with extensive knowledge about the decentralization protocols, scalability and security through all the battle-tested Decentralized Solutions.
Alex Le
Head of Comms
Alex Le
Head of Comms
Alex Le is a Marketing MSC at the University of Huddersfield in the UK. Prior to joining Bunicorn, she owns 4 years of experience as a Community Manager and Marketing Manager at TomoChain.
Thi Truong
Executive Advisor
Thi Truong
Executive Advisor
Thi is the founder and CEO of PolkaFoundry and Icetea Labs, advisor of Genesis Shards and PolkaRare. He started as a Software Engineer, then Solution Architect, then a Director at FPT Corp. After leaving FPT, he joined Kyber Network, one of the most successful blockchain projects in Asia, as a Product Manager.
Maggie Wu
Business Advisor
Maggie Wu
Business Advisor
Maggie Wu is the Founder and CEO of Krypital Group. Early cryptocurrency evangelist and a successful serial entrepreneur with more than fifteen years of experience in cross-industry investing and consulting. Alumni of Xiamen U and MIT Sloan. She led her company raised over $100 million for an array of successful blockchain projects in less than one year.
Darren Lopes
Marketing Advisor
Darren Lopes
Marketing Advisor
Darren is a Canadian entrepreneur and a battle-tested digital growth and strategy expert. He is the co-founder and COO of both Gamelancer and 10PM Curfew which pulls in over 1 billion video views monthly through an audience of over 35 million followers collectively. These are the largest and fastest-growing Gaming and Female networks on Generation Z first social platforms.